New Year. New Goals! 3 BIG Changes coming to our Business this year.

New Year. New Goals! 3 BIG Changes coming to our Business this year.

Where have I been?  Traveling. A LOT!

Picture this: 9 days, 8 nights in one of the biggest ships in the world: Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. SO BIG it would ma ke the ex-Trump Princess look like a Boston Whaler or a Carolina Skiff. All you can eat buffet, included!– but not your typical Sunday after church Golden Corral kinda buffet. We’re talking grand meals. We talkin’ Lobsters baby!!! All that much fun entirely for just myself (and other 4,197 paying individuals) Now, I know what you’re thinking; Saul went on a very nice vacation. Well, it depends who’s asking. Friends & family, suuuure. IRS? 1000% Business trip. And since I had to justify it with uncle Sammy -the grumpy Uncle- I decided to attend a Mastermind hosted by the Financial Friends Network, which had a combined individual net worth of about $2 Billion Dollars. A real B . Not crypto B. Needless to say I was the biggest player in the room NOT.

 What did I learn?

Oh boy, where do I start?! They gave me the tips, tricks and insights into how they are acquiring properties in today’s competitive market. Investors, Lenders, Note Buyers, Rehabbers and IRA Trust Fund Managers were some of the many speakers dropping bombs in my ears at every turn, for 9 straight days. Everything from the best list sources, acquisition systems and the latest technology available to streamline the processes of buying and selling properties. They really held nothing back. The beauty of it was that because we all came from different cities across the country, there was no need to restrain the free flow of information as we weren’t direct competitors.
It was wonderful! A true win-win-win-win-win for all parties involved.

What’s in it for you? A LOT, TOO!

They gave me ALL the golden nuggets and I will use that information to bring you the best investment deals I can possibly find at ridiculous low prices. Keep reading…it gets better from here.

3 BIG Changes coming to our Business

New Year. New Goals. And we decided to make it all about you by giving youeven more content and value . That’s why we are super excited to announce all of the new cool changes we will be implementing this year.

#1- Saul says goes PRO!

We are so committed to bring you the latest news, stories, and headlines in real estate that going on a more professional format was a no brainer for us. We actually went all in on it, spending the big bucks on professional equipment as well as a brand new website and a totally redesigned email format.
Using our bold, irreverent, and authentic voice, Saul says cuts through all the nonsense out there and concisely tells subscribers what they need to know and how it impacts them.
And we want to share the wealth by extending our platform to Collaborators ,Sponsors and Vendors . Basically we are opening up our mic to anyone Bravehearted enough to pull a William Wallace ” Freeeedom ” and ace it.
Have an opinion? A story? 2 cents? an anecdote? or a situation about a deal you would like to share? 10k+ subscribers want to listen to it!
And we want to publish it as long as you meet the following criteria:
  • Must have a good reputation
  • Be active in Real Estate
  • Be able to write short quality articles
  • No shoes? no shirt? no marketing experience? no worries. We will prominently place you in front of 10k+ real estate subscribers each week so your business can get more exposure and referrals.
  • No contracts. Advertise for as long or as little as you want and cancel anytime.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, your car, your house. your first born (willing to take a second lien position on it).
  • Attention REIA’s: ask for the Synergy Special Deal.

#2- Video Podcast Series

If you found great value in our content and stories last year, you will have the time of your life reading, listening, watching and learning from all the heavy hitters we will be interviewing this year .
We decided to take it to a whole new level and put our best Spielberg’s hat on by investing some serious chunk of change on professional video cameras, lighting equipment, and video editing software. Did I mentioned our brand new website and a totally redesigned email format??
We will be interviewing:
Real Estate Investors
Hard Money Lenders
Title Companies
Insurance Agents
Local & Nationwide Influencers
Movers & Shakers
And many more…
So don’t be surprised if you get an email in your inbox, a letter in your mail, or a good ole telegram from us extending you an invitation to claim your 15 minutes of fame.
P.s: For a brief moment we were thinking of employing homing pigeons but were persuaded not to by our legal team as it would create a conflict of interest with our birddogs.


Immobilienn , the fastest growing Florida real estate company is seeking highly motivated , sharp and intelligent individuals looking to learn how to flip homes while making some serious cash in the process!
Make $5k , $10k , $50k+ per Deal While You Learn!
  • No experience necessary
  • Real Estate License NOT required
  • Bilingual English/Spanish a plus but not necessary
  • Must have transportation (Leave the Bentley at home)
  • PT/FT ok
Immobilienn Offers :
  • One-On-One mentorship
  • Continuous up-to-date education
  • Joint Venture opportunities
  • Funding available for your deals (No Money or Credit Required)
*No phone interviews . All questions will be answered during meeting.

Saul Suarez

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