If owning and/or managing a property isn’t for you but you are looking at Real Estate as a secure investment vehicle for your idle money, Roth IRA or open line of credit, you can be our PRIVATE LENDER. Real Estate is a great venue for assisting you in reaching your short and long-term investment goals while maximizing your profits. Let us be your MONEY TREE!

Why Invest With Immobilienn?

Immobilienn has a proven track record in finding, negotiating, purchasing, marketing and selling investment properties. Armed with a deep understanding of the local and surrounding markets our investment team has conducted all kinds of Real Estate transactions in the past years. We are constantly improving and optimazing our internal processes such as: purchase strategies, deal flow pipeline, management systems, business processes and financing relationships in order to deliver superior results to our PRIVATE LENDERS. Simply put: We execute. You profit.

If you are an investor who wants minimal involvement while maximizing returns, call us (754) 307-7285.

How Can You Invest?

We have several programs available to investors who desire to build long-term wealth through Real Estate and we are always looking for PRIVATE LENDERS to join us. Maybe you have no time or experience to get started on your own, but you do have:

  • Cash
  • Retirement Funds (IRA, 401-K, Savings, CDs)
  • Good Credit

You must have at least 20k available in cash, IRA, 401k or credit to participate in a partnership.

Ready to discuss the fantastic opportunities available to you in Real Estate as our PRIVATE LENDER? Call (754) 307-7285 or fill out the form below and we will personally call you at your convenience.

How can you get started?

  • Step 1: Call us (754) 307-7285 or send us an email to
  • Step 2: Meet with us at our office.
  • Step 3: Choose your property and start investing. Simple. Profitable. Reliable.

Become a Private Lender today!

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